This week Ara are supporting Safer Gambling Week (19th – 25th November), which is a cross-industry initiative to promote safer gambling in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The key objectives of Safer Gambling Week are to stimulate conversation about safer gambling, including raising awareness of how to gamble more safely, the tools that are available to help people do this, and sources of advice and support if people are concerned about gambling.

To support these aims, Ara will be undertaking a range of activities aimed at raising the profile of problem gambling, including:

  • Our CEO Graham England facilitating (with Beacon Counselling Trust) a conference concerning Gambling Harms within the South Asian Community
  • Our COO Robbie Thornhill speaking at the launch of the TUC in wales’ Gambling Toolkit to support their members and Reps
  • We will be holding a ‘Conversation about Gambling in the South West’, an opportunity to promote partnership and awareness of gambling harms and their links to Mental Health
  • The Young People’s team have a variety of workshops for professionals working with young people, addressing gambling harms and how to refer young people for help. They are also running a social media campaign introducing themselves (see our Twitter feed) and have an upcoming feature in national student publication The Epigram.

If you think your organisation could do with a greater understanding of problem gambling and its effects, call us for a chat or contact us through our website.