Ara Young People’s programme

outreach in collaboration with GamCare Big Deal
Our aim is to educate young people so they can understand the risks related to gambling and where to
get help. We offer these three FREE educational initiatives:

Gambling Awareness Workshops:

We deliver free workshops, either in person at your setting or remotely through seminars over the web. In 2021-22, we delivered to 2518 professionals and 6475 young people on problem gambling and harm reduction.

Free Support for young people:

We help young people to gain the awareness, knowledge and skills to make safer choices around gambling. They will understand the impact of problem gambling, and recognise the signs of problem gambling in themselves or someone else. Young people will know where and how to access help if they need it.

Tailored support for education professionals:

Our workshops teach education professionals how to recognise the risk factors, signs, impacts and symptoms of a gambling problem. We advise on how to talk to young people about problem gambling and where to seek help if they need it. We support professionals to gain the skills to deliver interactive workshops on problem gambling awareness.

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In 2017, Ara piloted the launch of the Youth Outreach Programme in Bristol in conjunction with Gamcare to educate young people about responsible gambling and to help them access support and help if they needed it, through the project Big Deal.

Since 2017, the programme has expanded to provide free gambling awareness workshops to 11-19 year old young people and professionals who work with young people across the whole of Wales and South-West England. In 2021-22, we delivered to 2518 professionals and 6475 young people on problem gambling and harm reduction.

If your organisation could benefit from a free workshop delivered at your setting, please get in contact with one of our Education and Training Leads in the locations below:

South and West Wales ­- Hannah Stockwell-Price

hannahstockwellprice@recovery4all.co.uk | 07376546908

Cornwall and Devon – Adele Bourne

adelebourne@recovery4all.co.uk | 07949 075695


And we offer advice…

  • Informing young people on how to get support and advice about gambling related harms.
  • Identifying appropriate support services available to young people

Let’s Work Together

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Opening up lines of communication…

We are committed to sharing knowledge and understanding with local communities and youth professionals.

And raising awareness of youth gambling is critical, so we can offer advice and intervene as early as possible.

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Ways to get in touch

If you have any questions about our young people’s service or if you want to to book a workshop please contact info@recovery4all.co.uk