Providing Hope and Better Lives: A Year of Transformation for Ara

In the face of addiction and related issues, finding hope and reclaiming a better life can seem like an insurmountable challenge. However, in the past year, our charity has helped to make a transformation in a remarkable number of lives of individuals across the South West and Wales.

With a record-breaking number of 12,200 people supported, we remain committed to providing a comprehensive range of services, from homelessness and housing support to mental health and gambling harms assistance. Each aspect of our work is rooted in our unwavering purpose of Providing Hope and Better Lives. We’re celebrating with the release of our 2022-2023 Impact Report.

Full Impact Report

We are proud to say that you can read the full 2022-2023 report here, with an introduction by Chair of the Board, Tony Collins, and reports on our Gambling Service, Housing, Prison Resettlement, Gloucestershire services and Step Together programme.

Addressing Homelessness and Housing Needs

Recognizing the close connection between addiction and homelessness, Ara’s Housing Service has been steadfast in addressing the urgent need for safe and stable housing. By providing support and guidance, we have helped 253 individuals find their way into our accommodation. Beyond offering immediate assistance, we work tirelessly to tackle the underlying issues that contribute to homelessness and addiction, such as employment instability and financial difficulties. Through our collaborative efforts, we strive to break the cycle of addiction and provide a foundation for a brighter future.

Combatting Gambling Harms

Ara recognises the destructive power of gambling harms. Our specialised treatment and education programs have provided 1321 individuals with the tools to address gambling harms, repair damaged relationships, and regain stability. Our comprehensive approach integrates mental health support into all aspects of our services, ensuring that individuals receive the holistic care they need. From the Bet You Can Help programme to our Youth Service, we’ve educated a record number of people this past year, including 8,597 young people and professionals. Read all about it in our Impact Report.

We are dedicated to breaking down barriers, offering support, and empowering individuals to overcome problems and embrace a brighter future, with hope and better lives.