Introducing our new Relapse Prevention groups – designed specifically for clients who have committed to recovery from gambling harms. We understand that recovery can be a journey with ups and downs, and we’re here to provide ongoing support.

Our Relapse Prevention group’s primary goal is to ensure ongoing recovery from gambling harms and to prevent people returning to harmful behaviours. Clients may have already been through Ara’s free, specialist, confidential one to one counselling, either recently or in the past. We believe in empowering our clients to achieve lasting change.

What are the groups like?

Currently, we’re running two online groups a week from 12:30-1:30pm, as well as an evening group (please get in touch for more details or see the schedule below). We’re working hard to enhance our offerings by incorporating morning and evening sessions to better suit our clients’ schedules. We want to make sure our support is accessible to all.

We’ve developed various engaging and informative topics for our Relapse Prevention groups, including:

  • Building on Change in Recovery
  • Rest & Relaxation
  • Managing & Overcoming Difficult Emotions
  • Managing Cravings & Introducing Choice
  • 5 Ways to Wellbeing

November 2023 Relapse Prevention Programme Schedule – click here to download

At our Relapse Prevention groups, you’ll find a safe and welcoming environment where participants can share their experiences, challenges, and successes. Stay tuned for updates on our upcoming morning and evening sessions and the exciting topics we’ll be covering.

How to access our gambling Relapse Prevention Groups

If you or someone you know could benefit from our services, please contact us via our website or 0330 1340 286. You can also get in touch with Hattie Stacey for more information about the groups.

More information about Relapse Prevention Groups and the Aftercare Programme

The relapse prevention project is one of three core elements that make up Ara Gambling Service’s new  Aftercare Programme, in partnership with GambleAware.

The project aims to target clients which have recently completed gambling counselling treatment through Ara services. Clients might be at risk of relapsing back into gambling activities and the programme aims to prevent this. However, the programme is also open to anyone that might need it, regardless of whether they have completed Ara treatment or not. This means that the programme will be open to third party referrals and clients that have been through treatment in the past and looking for longer term support.

The project will mainly be psycho-educational, outcome and goal focused. It will essentially be a coaching and mentoring offering. The programme will be topical in nature and sessions will be delivered through a mixture of interactive online group sessions and one to ones where required. The recovery sustainment worker leading the groups will focus on delivering relevant educational content, useful tips, offer guidance, tools and techniques that in which the client can take away to prevent or reduce relapses. This will be facilitated and achieved through encouraging open dialogues between group peers and with the course leader (Recovery Sustainment Worker).

The course will not be structured in a way where the client attends a set number of sessions and away they go, it has been specifically designed to be a recurring programme with no end date to promote longer term access to support. Clients can dip in and out as they choose to the subject matters most relevant to them.

Given how catastrophic early relapse can be, it’s imperative to offer open ended tailored support on an ongoing basis to those who need it at the most critical points.