Ara is the lead for Homelessness Pathway 4 in Bristol.  This service offers 140 beds in a range of property types to promote recovery from substance misuse and homelessness for men and women in Bristol.  Ara work with partners The Junction Project and The Salvation Army Bridge Programme to provide bespoke accommodation for each client.  We use a psychologically-informed environment best suited to their recovery.

Each client has a named support worker who builds a trust-based relationship with them. They co-create a support plan that provides holistic support and goals. Issues addressed include:

  • substance misuse
  • mental and physical health
  • social inclusion and relationships
  • daily living skills
  • training and employment, and more.

To be eligible for Pathway 4, clients must have a script in place, not be drinking uncontrollably, and provide negative tests for Class A drugs. Ara provides three levels of housing – Preparation Intake Preparation, and In Treatment. We provide regular drug testing.  All alcohol and drug use is prohibited in all Pathway 4 properties.  Where clients relapse, we handle it in a caring and non-stigmatising way that recognizes the part that compound trauma plays in clients’ lives.  In-house Ara recovery groups and workers augment the ROADS (Recovery Oriented Alcohol & Drugs) treatment offerings for those not able or willing to access this.

Within the ROADS system, Ara houses the clients 24/7, 365 days a year.  Safe and secure housing underpins recovery. Without accommodation that facilitates drug, alcohol, and mental health treatment, positive outcomes are likely to be limited.

Every year we ask clients for their feedback on the services they receive. This years results have been compiled in a report which can be reviewed below.

Homelessness Pathway 4 Client Experience