Ara and partners launch new service the Six To Ten project to help affected others

The Six To Ten Project for affected others

New first of its kind, free and confidential service set up for family members affected by gambling harms

Research suggests that on average six to ten people are at risk of gambling related harms as the result of a loved one who gambles compulsively. New data revealed by Gamble Aware estimates 1.4 million people in Great Britain are experiencing harm from gambling.

We are launching a new, free and confidential service, along with our partners at Beacon Counselling Trust and DrugFAM. This will aim to help families affected by the devastating impact of gambling related harms.

The Six To Ten project

The Six to Ten project is the first service of its kind that will offer direct support to those specifically affected by a loved one’s gambling. This pilot project will support clients in the South West of England, the North West of England, and across Wales.

Ara, Beacon Counselling Trust, and DrugFAM have come together to develop the Six to Ten service, having recognised the need for a holistic support package for those who have been negatively affected by an individual with a gambling disorder.

Holistic help for affected others

Those affected by gambling include

  • partners
  • parents
  • siblings
  • children
  • grandparents
  • friends and work colleagues.

These people are often referred to as the ‘affected others’ of gambling related harms.
The Six to Ten project will provide one to one care over a course of up to 12 weeks to those struggling with everyday life because of gambling harms.

Designated Support Worker

Clients will be assigned a designated support worker and together will produce a personal support plan to assist with issues ranging from legal, financial and housing support through to addressing concerns related to personal health and wellbeing and family relationships.

Those who get in touch for support will also be offered free counselling as is currently provided to affected others through the National Gambling Treatment Service.

Chief Executive of Ara Graham England said:

“Ara is delighted to announce the launch of the Six to Ten project. The origins of this initiative came from the stories of individuals and families significantly harmed by someone else’s gambling.

“We listened to and collaborated with people with lived experience, to create the first service of its kind in Great Britain that will focus on all of the needs, priorities and emergencies that face someone impacted by someone else’s gambling.

“We will offer practical help via an advocate/mentor, who will focus on and assist with practical issues. “There will also be bespoke talking interventions available to run in tandem with tangible help.”

Beacon Counselling Trust Clinical Director Neil Platt said:

“The introduction of the Six to Ten pilot project reflects our objectives to help drive down the numbers of families experiencing gambling related harms
and better engage with professional and individuals that operate in supporting roles such as finance, legal, housing, mental health and social care.

“We are delighted to be joining with our charity partners in delivering this new service and we are very grateful to the Gambling Commission for funding this pilot project, as part of their three-year national strategy to reduce gambling harms.

“The timing could not be more fitting for this project with the recent evidence estimating people experiencing gambling harms and it comes following a clear call to action at the first conference dedicated to affected others ‘Guilty By Association – the unspoken losses of gambling harms’ held last year.”

DrugFAM Chief Executive Paul Rompani said:

“The needs of people affected by a loved one’s harmful gambling are often not even considered let alone met.
“The Six To Ten project provides an opportunity for partners, family members and friends of people with a gambling disorder to be listened to, understood and supported to improve their mental health, physical well-being, family relations, finances and to better cope with their challenging everyday lives.”

To get in touch call 0330 1241274 or email

Get in touch with Ara

Ara has provided structured treatment, counselling, housing support, education, training and employment guidance for more than 30 years.

Ara have been supporting problem gamblers and affected others across the South West for many years, and in 2019 became the National Gambling Treatment Service (NGTS) provider for the whole of Wales.

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