This International Women’s Day;

“Imagine a gender equal world.

A world free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination.

A world that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive.

A world where difference is valued and celebrated.

Together we can forge women’s equality.

Collectively we can all #BreakTheBias.”

This is the theme of International Women’s Day 2022. To celebrate and show our support, we are profiling some of the Women of Ara. Read more about #IWD22 here.

Rebecca Criminal Justice Education and Training Lead for Ara Gambling Service - international women's day

Rebecca – Criminal Justice Education & Training Lead

My favourite part of the job is knowing that I am implementing change and introducing procedures within Criminal Justice Services by developing screening processes, referral pathways and providing training for CJ professionals. With these implemented, this will provide early intervention opportunities in identifying individuals with gambling harms through the CJS and referring them to Ara for free specialist treatment.

“It makes me proud to be a part of Ara and to help promote our service across Wales & the South West to continue providing accessible support services for vulnerable individuals within our communities.

“My hobbies are dancing, cooking, travelling and reading.

“I have previously worked within the criminal justice area for nearly 5 years as a PCSO and PC within the police force and I have a passion and drive to continue developing my knowledge, experience and skills surrounding the wider CJ area. I love to be in a helping, valuable and rewarding role, where I can individually make a difference whilst being a part of an organisation that’s overall focus is to improve and support the wider community.”

Education & training lead Bristol - international women's day Rachel – Education & Training Lead

“​The best part of my job is the opportunity to work closely with local organisations and going in to schools to deliver workshops!

I love to read, anything dystopian is a winner.

I love education and working with young people especially!”

Have you ever been inspired by a woman, and if so, who?

“Emily Wilding Davison, her contribution to women’s suffrage and the sacrifice she made is incredibly inspiring.”

Welsh development officerDi – Development Officer for Wales

“I enjoy meeting people from lots of different backgrounds and hearing their stories. It can be very humbling and thought provoking.  I always come away having learnt something new about me.

I am an avid reader, enjoy learning about different religions and cultures and  I am curious about what makes us human. I am also learning Welsh (Cymraeg)  and enjoy walking along the Welsh coastline.

What are your areas of interest in your career?

“There are so many aspects of interest. My role is varied. I enjoy client work, meeting stakeholders, working with my colleagues  and trying to make a difference to those who are the most vulnerable in our society.”

Have you ever been inspired by a woman, and if so, who?

“Two in particular spring to mind Michelle Obama and Mother Teresa. Both women had so many challenges and obstacles to overcome. Whilst these women were from two very different worlds, both attempted to make the world a better place.”

officer manager for Ara Chloe – Office Manager

What’s your favourite part of your job?

“Introducing new starters to Ara and knowing I am part of a charity that makes a difference.”

What are your hobbies/interests?

“I love going on holiday, reading and have just discovered the joys of baking.”

What are your areas of interest in your career?

“I enjoy working with passionate and inspirational people, and learning from them.”

Have you ever been inspired by a woman, and if so, who?

“I have been inspired by countless women, from family to friends and colleagues to writers and women in the public eye. I recently completed a Managers course and I met many inspirational and women on the course, their honesty and humility really inspired me. My best friend has also been a huge inspiration. She made some amazing life changes and she has the most wonderful daughters.”

Amanda Gambling Senior Amanda – Gambling Service Senior

What’s your favourite part of your job?

“Managing the counsellors and staff and providing supervision for them.”

What are your hobbies/interests?

“Walking with my dog, Tilly, skiing, travelling, Muse (the band).”

What are your areas of interest in your career?

“I love helping people.”

Have you ever been inspired by a woman, and if so, who?

“My friend. I find her inspiring because of who she is and how she has coped with all the challenges she has faced with cancer and still remained positive and inspiring.”

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