Do you know enough about Gambling, Gaming and Digital harm?

Gambling and digital harms awareness safeguarding event, Wales and South West

Whether gambling & digital harms is new subject for you or whether you’ve attended our free CPD accredited sessions before, this Regional Event will focus the mind on Young People’s Gambling and Gaming Harm and Adults Gambling Harm, providing you with two hours of new information and resources to tackle this silent addiction.

Did you know in the UK currently 0.5% of our population are considered problem gamblers and 7% of the population of the UK are negatively affected by gambling? This is over 4 million people in England and over 5 million people across the UK as a whole, which is one in 12 people either directly or indirectly affected by gambling-related harms; with numbers unfortunately ever on the increase.

Although gambling is not a spoken about subject, people will often present with debt, mental health issues, housing problems, isolation, look to crime and present with suicidality. This regional event will introduce you to the signs and risk factors of gambling harm, and you will hear first-hand experience from a guest with knowledge of gambling harm.

‘The Future of Gambling’

You will get an insight into emerging issues of the digital age, including “Gambling Online and in Gaming”, “What is Forex Trading, Cryptocurrency and the Metaverse?” and “How are young people using digital products and what are the risks?”

This awareness event will leave you feeling more secure in your knowledge of gambling harm, gaming and digital products and the risks associated with them.

We are running two dates. Join us via one of the Zoom links below:

Wednesday 9th March 2022: 10am – 12pm

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Meeting ID: 879 2874 4300

Thursday 31st March 2022: 10 am – 12pm

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Meeting ID: 875 3282 8827

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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