We are thrilled to announce a new partnership with Beyond Recovery as part of our new aftercare programme Pathways to Recovery, for those in recovery from gambling-related harms!

Our wellbeing peer support training will allow you to move forward with hope, resilience and purpose in life. It is regularly reviewed by the University of Bristol Gambling Hub to help us to understand the effectiveness of peer support for people with lived experience of problem gambling.

What is the Insight to Wellbeing group?

The Insight to Wellbeing peer support group is an excellent resource for individuals in recovery from gambling-related harms who are looking to deepen their connection to themselves, others, and life. This group provides a safe and supportive training space for individuals to explore their experiences and develop the skills and strategies necessary for sustainable recovery and enhanced wellbeing.

One critical aspect of the group is its focus on understanding the nature of addiction. By gaining insight into the underlying causes and processes of addiction, individuals can develop a greater understanding of their experience and the strategies that are most effective for promoting long-term recovery.

The group also emphasizes the importance of building recovery capital, both internal and external resources that support recovery. Through peer support, individuals can gain knowledge, skills, and social support that can help them maintain their recovery over the long term.

Non-judgemental space

Improved self-image and reduced stigma are also essential components of the Insight to Wellbeing group. By providing a non-judgmental space where individuals can share their experiences and gain validation, the group helps to reduce the shame and self-doubt that often accompanies addiction. This, in turn, can help individuals build their confidence and develop a greater sense of self-belief in their ability to accomplish their goals.

The group also focuses on developing an appreciation for how the mind works, helping individuals understand the underlying psychological processes that contribute to addiction. This understanding can help individuals develop better coping strategies, reduce their vulnerability to triggers, and improve their overall mental and emotional health.

Finally, the Insight to Wellbeing group offers an opportunity for individuals to achieve sustainable recovery and reduce the risk of relapse. By providing ongoing support and accountability, the group can help individuals stay on track and maintain their commitment to recovery. It can also help individuals find a sense of purpose, explore new interests and passions, and build meaningful relationships that support their ongoing growth and development.

Conclusion and how to join the group

Overall, the Insight to Wellbeing group offers a valuable resource for individuals in recovery from gambling-related harms. By providing a supportive, non-judgmental space for individuals to explore their experiences and develop their skills and confidence, the group can help individuals achieve a meaningful, fulfilling life free from the harms of addiction.

The group will comprise of weekly sessions from 16th March – 20th April 2023, online at 18:30 – 20:00. One to one support will also be available for those who need it.

To get involved, contact us on 0330 1340 286 or aragamblingservice@recovery4all.co.uk