COVID-19 Risk Assessments for Ara offices and Housing Service

Covid-19 risk assessments:

Ara have robust risk assessment protocols and business continuity plans in place. These are to mitigate the threats of the COVID-19 pandemic. These are reviewed regularly in line with Public Health England guidance, and liaison with Bristol City Council.

Client and staff safety is paramount for us. As a result, the risk assessment articulates what we do to ensure staff are able to work safely and protect our vulnerable clients. This is in conjunction with other documentation.

The Ara offices risk assessment covers:

  • Staff with symptoms of Covid
  • Ara staff working in offices
  • Visitors to Ara offices
  • Cleaning
  • Travelling to work or travelling whilst working

The Ara houses risk assessment covers:

  • Visiting clients with no symptoms
  • Visiting clients in Ara houses with symptoms or self-isolating
  • PPE and infection control
  • Cleaning
  • Managing non-compliance
  • Working in Ara offices
  • House meetings, meals and activities
  • Visitors

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