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November 22, 2023


Ara Recovery for All, a leading charity dedicated to addressing gambling harms and providing holistic support to local communities, proudly announces its partnership with the MTM Awards 2023. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the shared commitment to celebrating excellence within diverse ethnic communities and advocating for vital causes, including gambling harm support.


The MTM Awards, renowned for a decade of commemorating achievements and excellence across vibrant ethnic communities, sets the stage for its 11th season: Celebrating a Decade of Excellence and Beyond. The Glittering Gala Awards Evening, scheduled for Saturday, November 25th, at the opulent Delta Hotel by Marriott Bristol, promises an evening of glamour, recognition, and memorable experiences.


Ara are partnered with the Mukhtyar Singh Community Champion Award – Honouring Extraordinary Contributions to Communities Embracing the Essence of Community Champions: The Mukhtyar Singh Community Champion Award celebrates extraordinary individuals who go above and beyond to uplift and unite minority ethnic communities.


Ara Recovery for All’s CEO, Graham England, expresses excitement about the partnership, stating, “Ara Recovery for All is delighted to be a partner of the MTM Awards 2023. We look forward to an evening of celebration, innovation, and collaboration.” This partnership is not only a celebration of excellence but also an opportunity to shed light on Ara’s mission to help people recover from mental health, drug and alcohol, and gambling problems.


Established in 1987, Ara has stood as a beacon of hope, actioning targeted services addressing alcohol and drug harms, homelessness, mental health difficulties, and gambling-related harms. In the last five years alone, the charity has touched the lives of over 40,000 people, extending its geographic reach to Wales and the South-West of England.


Ara has long served as the lead provider for the Bristol Homelessness Pathway 4. This service offers 140 beds in a range of houses and flats to promote recovery from substance misuse and homelessness for men and women in Bristol. In 2022-23, Ara assisted over 250 people with safe and secure accommodation through this service. Ara also operates the Specialist Housing Support service, improving accessibility to drug and alcohol support and helping those in support sustain their tenancies to prevent homelessness.


As the National Gambling Support Provider for Wales and the South-West, Ara brings its expertise to the forefront, emphasising the importance of addressing gambling harms within diverse communities. Graham England underscores Ara’s commitment, saying, “Our purpose is to provide hope and better lives, and this partnership allows us to extend our reach and advocate for those facing the challenges of gambling-related harms.”


Q, the founder of MTM Awards, expresses appreciation for Ara’s support, stating, “MTM Awards welcomes Ara on board the MTM platform, celebrating the excellence and achievements of our diverse communities. Together, I am confident we can deliver to communities affected. We look forward to an excellent working relationship.”


The Ara team eagerly anticipates attending the MTM Awards, not only to celebrate excellence within diverse communities but also to shine a spotlight on the pressing issue of gambling harms. Research indicates that up to 340,000 individuals in the UK are facing gambling-related issues, and an additional 2 million are at risk. The impact of these issues reverberates, affecting an average of 6-10 people per individual, including spouses, children, friends, and colleagues. Through our engagement with the MTM Awards, Ara aims to foster collaboration and collectively commit to forging an inclusive and thriving future in the fight against homelessness, drug and alcohol, and gambling harms for all.


About Ara Recovery for All

Ara Recovery for All is a registered charity dedicated to providing better lives to marginalised communities. With a focus on addressing addiction, housing, mental health difficulties, and gambling-related harms, Ara became a nationwide Gambling Harms Support Provider in 2019, allowing Ara’s research-driven programs to have impacts across Wales and the South-West of England.



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