Housed in our substance misuse accommodation
enabled to access local treatment services
people affected by problem gambling seen
young people educated about problem gambling
received advice, intervention, and access to other services in hospital

Foreword by Chair of the Board – Tony Collins

Welcome to our Annual Impact Report. This has been another year of expansion for Ara. For the very first time in our history our services have helped over 5000 people.

Amongst our successes has been the housing of all of prisoners released within the Ministry of Justice ARRO programme.

Ara has also continued the expansion of its Gambling Treatment services. Ara already provides these services in Wales and held “A Conversation About Gambling In Wales” event during the year. This event brought together communities in Wales to discuss how treatment service should be developed and expanded.

Ara continues to make an impact on the lives of its clients in all of our recovery areas. Ara’s ambition is to grow its range of services and to take them to a wider audience. Ara’s executive team led by Graham England (CEO) and supported by Andrew Ridley (CFO) and Robbie Thornhill (COO) are building the strong and stable platform, required to deliver our services and take the Charity forward.

Our very capable and diverse Board of Trustees also support the executive with the necessary skills and experience that the Charity needs. We plan to make a difference and make peoples lives better.

I have only recently joined the Board of Ara and I am excited and enthused by the impact we are making and the opportunities that lie ahead. New challenges will come and as we write this report the world is heading into the COVID19 crisis. We will do our very best to insure that our clients are supported through this unprecedented situation.

I hope you enjoy reading this impact report. For real time updates and stories about our work, why not follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Tony Collins.
Chair, Ara Board of Trustees

Ara Impact Report 2019-2020

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