Housed in substance misuse accommodation
Occupancy across our accommodation
Engagement in drug & alcohol treatment
Former prisoners prevented from sleeping rough by being met at the gate on the day of release and found accommodation
Our Move On Navigator has supported 13 people to move out of our housing into permanent accommodation, freeing up spaces for rough sleepers

Foreword by Chair of the Board – Simon Thompson

I have great pleasure in welcoming you to our annual impact report.

Notable highlights of the past 12 months include a real terms increase in services of 13% and the new housing pilot project we are working on with the Ministry of Justice. Also, expanding our safer gambling services across the whole of Wales and a new service presence in Swindon.

On my first anniversary as Chair – and still learning the role – I want to take this opportunity to thank our colleagues, volunteers and the Board of Trustees, all of whom strive as one to provide excellent services for our clients. That our auditors confirm how well run we are, both operationally and financially, is very much due to our CEO, Graham England, and Director of Finance, Andrew Ridley.

For me, working with a great collective of talented, focused people in a quest to be the best, is an inspiration. They include our Board of Trustees, a freshly consolidated mix of existing and new members, who support our work with energy and skill in finance, clinical governance, human resources and business development.

In recent weeks we have been joined by our first Chief Operations Director, who’s role is to see that, in meeting the needs of our clients, we continue to deliver improved governance as well as quality services.

After a year in the job, I appreciate how lucky I am to lead an organisation with such talent. Our goal will always be to deliver more, exceed client expectations, and to provide those who commission our services with quality and value for money.

I hope you enjoy reading this impact report. For real time updates and stories about our work, why not follow us on Twitter (@ARArecovery4all) and like our Facebook page too?

Simon Thompson

Chair, ARA Board of Trustees

ARA Impact Report 2018-2019